10 Reasons Why I Love At Home Yoga

Most people are familiar with yoga even if they don’t practice it. I was the same until I turned 50 and started looking for something that would improve my overall health. (For more on how I got here, read my About me page.)

Yoga certainly ticked that box and by making it a daily home ritual, I was able to take things to a whole other level.

There are so many reasons why I love doing yoga at home. Here are my top 10.


1. Convenience

The obvious one. I can get on the mat whenever it suits me which means I’m more likely to workout more often. I don’t need transport, I don’t have to check-in or social distance, and I’m not affected by the weather. I love that there is no dress code. Heck, I can wear pj’s if I want to.

2. Consistency

Convenience leads to consistency. Because it’s so easy to workout at home I’m more likely to do it more often. Instead of one or two classes a week I can easily find time for 15-30 minutes a day. And the more often I do yoga, the better I feel.

3. Versatility

I get to choose the routine and the time length for each lesson. If I don’t feel like an ab workout I will skip it. If my legs are sore I might opt for an upper body program. If I’m just not feeling like posing today I can do a short 10 minute meditation or take a break entirely.

4. Economical

Yoga at home is free. Other than a mat and a small area to practice, I don’t need anything else. There are plenty of household items that I can use for yoga props.

5. Portable

This is so important to me. Not only can I can do yoga in different areas of my home, I can also take it with me on holidays. Even if I haven’t packed my mat I can still do some yoga poses in my hotel room or at the beach.

Hotel room yoga

6. Holistic

Out of all the fitness programs I’ve tried, yoga is the only one that takes care of my mind and body equally. With the enormous stress of the pandemic these last 2 years, and especially lockdowns, I am so grateful to have had home yoga in my life. It has made a big difference to my physical and mental health.

7. Fun

Yoga at home is never boring. I like being able to choose different videos and different instructors depending on what mood I’m in and what my body needs that day. I can also design my own program if I want to.

8. Privacy

I’m an introvert so the privacy of a home practice really suits me. To be honest I prefer it when nobody is watching, not even family. I also get more out of my sessions because there are no distractions.

9. Longevity

It is so important to find an exercise regime that I can continue doing as I age. Yoga is perfect for this as it can be adapted to suit any physical limitations that may arise in my twilight years. I plan to still be doing yoga when I’m 90!

10. Sustainable

All of the above are why I’ve been doing at-home yoga for more than 5 years now and still loving it!

Yoga props candle


With everything that has been going on in the world since 2020, the ability to exercise from home has never been more valuable. Lockdowns, business closures and restrictions on public gatherings mean that you can no longer rely on getting to the gym or attending that class.

At-home yoga allows me to continue my fitness program without compromise. There has never been a better time to be a home yogi.


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