Top 5 Yoga Strap Styles Reviewed

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Now that you've decided to get serious about stretching and strengthening, here is my review of the top 5 yoga strap styles, to assist you before you buy.

I recently purchased one for my own practice and even though I'm happy with it, I kind of wish I had done this research first. I may well have chosen differently.

I've selected the ones I would recommend in each category based on value for money, design quality, simplicity of use and buyer feedback.

Read on to find out what makes each one unique and what users like and dislike about them.

D-Ring Closure Yoga Fitness Strap
D-Ring Closure Yoga Fitness Strap

The D-ring closure is the most popular type because it's super easy to convert into a secure loop of any size. This is the same style that I own and I can vouch for it being simple to use. It takes just a few seconds to fasten so as long as you keep it close by, there is only a minor interruption to your routine should you decide to use it.

This Tumaz strap is made from cotton, comes in heaps of colors and is one of the better quality ones of this kind. I love that the 8 ft and 10 ft lengths come with a storage band attached, so you can keep it rolled up tight when not in use. That's a big plus if you're a neat freak!

Buyers are impressed with the low price and overall feel of this strap. It is super sturdy, thicker than most, has a smooth texture and precise stitching. Many of the reviews mention that it is more comfortable to hold compared to the thinner nylon straps. The only negative feedback of note is that there are no instructions included. There are many YouTube videos that can help with this if needed.

If you're not fully satisfied with this particular product you can send it back within 60 days for a replacement or refund.

Yoga Strap with Metal Square Buckle
Yoga Strap with Metal Square Buckle

This eco-friendly cotton strap from Manduka is a relatively new design featuring a metal square buckle with a sliding bar. I have never used this type of closure before, but it is said to be more secure than a D-ring and less prone to slipping. I can see this being an important safety feature for advanced yoga poses that involve lots of weight bearing.

Buyers are happy with the quality and performance despite being one of the more expensive brands. The webbing is thick and comfortable and the locking system works really well. One person said the flatness of the buckle was more comfortable in certain poses.

The negative reviews tended to come from buyers who found the length too long for their needs. The shortest length is 8 feet, which may not suit everybody. Some people also commented that the buckle was a little noisy.

Yoga Exercise Strap with Plastic Cinch Buckle
Yoga Exercise Strap with Plastic Cinch Buckle

Another sturdy cotton strap but this time with a plastic buckle. It does have a metal cover on the opposite end to assist with threading and release.

The advantage of this style is that it is lightweight and isn't going to hurt as much if you accidentally hit yourself with the end of it. The disadvantage is that the buckle is less robust and could break or snap if stepped on.

Reviewers are mostly happy with the quality of the fabric but there are a few concerns about the buckle. Some people say that it doesn't grip tightly enough and that it's hard to use. Another said that theirs gave out after a year. On the plus side, the strap comes in 3 sizes and has a lifetime warranty.

Yoga Mat Carry Strap with Built In Stretch Loops
Yoga Mat Carry Strap with Built In Stretch Loops

This 2 in 1 stretching strap is a great find because it can also be used to carry your yoga mat. It's made from non-elastic nylon and comes complete with five large 8 inch loops already formed so it's good to go . Each loop is padded with slip-resistant neoprene for extra comfort.

The strap is just the right length for performing hamstring stretches and when you're done for the day you just slip the end loops over your rolled up mat and throw it over your shoulder.

I love the simplicity of this design and it seems buyers agree. The shorter length is considered a positive because there is little to no excess to get in the way. Because the loops are in-built there's no messing around with buckles or cinching. It even comes in a stylish travel bag.

The only negative I can see with this style is that the loops are not adjustable and will only accommodate feet and arms. However, a printed stretching guide is included to help you get the most out it.

Long Multi Loop Yoga Strap for Stretches
Long Multi Loop Yoga Strap for Stretches

Another nylon strap but this one is 8 feet long and has 12 integrated loops stitched into it. The benefit of this length and style is that beginners can gradually progress through different loop levels as flexibility increases.

There are 5 color options and each one comes with instructions and a carry bag.

Some buyers have mentioned that the material (similar to a car seat belt) is a bit slippery, so it's probably not ideal for sweaty workouts. It's also quite bulky and doesn't roll up neatly like non-looped straps do, which some people didn't like. Other complaints came from people who incorrectly thought they were buying a stretchy strap. It isn't.

As long as you know what you're getting, this is a well made product that will accommodate a wider range of stretching positions and should last for many years.

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