Best Yoga At Home For Beginners

When I’m asked what is the best yoga at home for beginners YouTube channel, my answer is always the same, Yoga with Adriene.

Adriene has many free videos that are perfect for people new to yoga but the 40 minute one at the bottom of this post is my personal favorite and the one I recommend if you are just starting out.

What you can expect from this beginners video

In this lesson you will get a good understanding of Adriene’s fun and quirky teaching style. In it she takes time to explain the basics of yoga and how to perform the poses correctly.

The pace of the lesson is deliberately slow as she breaks down each movement in easy to follow instructions. You’ll have plenty of time to transition between moves and you will learn how to modify poses that aren’t comfortable. In fact she encourages you to “find what feels good”.

Beginners Yoga Video

She’ll take you through her most often used asanas and common names which will definitely help if you intend doing more of her videos. She also covers the importance of being mindfully present on the mat and setting an intention for your daily practice.

She uses a yoga block for some moves but don’t stress if you don’t have one as it’s not necessary. Just bring your mat.

By the end you will have completed a gentle and enjoyable workout and your body will thank you for doing something good for yourself today.

Oh, and you will also meet her dog, Benji. (He often makes appearances during filming.)

What you won’t get from this video

This is not a fast paced sweaty workout and if you are familiar with yoga already then it may be a little bit pedestrian for you. In this case I suggest you try one of her 30 day yoga programs which are more challenging.

You won’t see crows pose or head stand or anything that is considered advanced yoga.

There is no backing music to inspire you, only Adriene’s soothing southern accent.

Online Yoga Cell Phone Stand

Why Adriene Mishler is my favorite yoga teacher

What I love most about Adriene’s teaching is that she keeps it real. She understands that not everyone is as flexible as her and yet she doesn’t make you feel bad about it.

She always shows modifications for poses that might be too challenging which is really important for beginners and helps avoid injury.

She has a bright and bubbly personality and a gentle voice that I never tire of. I love that Benji makes regular appearances and that Adriene is perfectly fine when he gets in her way.

She also has a wicked sense of humor.

I’ve never met Adriene in person but I’m sure I’m not alone is saying she feels like a family friend. She’s such a beautiful soul who, by sharing her gift with the world, has changed many lives for the better and made us fall in love with daily home yoga.

She’s the best!

*Consult your Doctor before starting a new fitness program.

Yoga poses covered in this video

Tabletop, cat/cow, downward facing dog, child’s pose, low lunge, forward fold, mountain pose, halfway lift, warrior one, warrior two, high lunge, plank, staff pose, happy baby, corpse pose (savasana). Length of video = 42 minutes.


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